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Why Dogs Need Toys

Just like children, your pets benefit from playing with toys! A puppy busy with a toy is not eating your couch or digging in the yard! Toys help sooth your little one's chewing needs and calm them when you are away. From ropes to puzzles there is a toy for every pet.

Toys give your pet safe ways to explore - pets can be fascinated with dangerous household items. When your pet is attracted to items they should not have - giving them a toy is the PERFECT distraction.

Toy Tips

  • Soak rope bones in water - then pop in the freezer. It is great for aching gums and is a cool treat on a hot day.

  • Treat balls and dispensers are perfect to entertain your pet. They bring out the hunter instinct and can get that "couch potato" moving.

  • When buying toys for your pet, look for a variety of sounds and textures. This will keep your pet challenged and entertained.

  • Puzzle toys relieve boredom and entertain your pet. These toys tend to hold their attention for long periods of time.

  • If your pet is anxious when you are away, try adding your scent by putting some of their plush toys in with your dirty clothes. Then they will have your scent even when you are not there. Also look for toys that record your voice - hearing you can calm your pet when you are away.

  • When you get a new toy for your pet - make sure you supervise them with it to make sure that it is safe for them. Every pet will respond to toys differently.

  • Try rotating your pet’s toys - have a few out at a time. You can also hide toys because a "found" toy is just so much fun!
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