About Us

The most important thing to know about us is that we are here for you!

As the owner and founder of Dog-a-holics, as well as a fellow pet owner, I understand how important your pet is to you! My personal pet "addiction" started with baking all-natural canine pastries, while my dog Tyson helped me clean up the kitchen. During this time, I learned the importance of natural ingredients to dogs. The whole experience led to a passion for offering premium foods, in addition to other premium products, to the Chicago dog community. At my core, I wanted to provide exceptional customer experiences and opportunities for pets and parents to build their special bond.

In 2006, with Tyson by my side, this desire blossomed into Dog-a-holics Boutique - designed to meet the needs of all "dog-a-holics." In 2009, Tyson and I had the opportunity to expand the business with services offering doggy daycare, pet grooming, dog walking and training classes. Today Tyson isn't with us, so Guinness and Clover (my Chicago Canine Rescue alum pups) help me to sustain that original passion of supporting and educating all the "dog-a-holics" out there.

In order to ensure the best support and experience, I enlist only the brightest and most caring individuals at our retail store and service facility. So you can feel comfortable leaving your pet with us or asking us for advice. Also, you can be confident giving your pet the food, treats and chews from our store because they are made of the highest quality, natural ingredients with safe and durable materials and all sourced from the USA and Canada.

In the community, Dog-a-holics is an active member and advocate for many worthy causes. Since our founding, we have helped raise almost $100,000 for shelter dogs! Our calendar is full of fun activities like workshops, demonstrations, tastings, photo opportunities, pet parades, adoption days and so much more. (Check it out here!)

All of us at Dog-a-holics are here to provide you with guidance and support so you can be a great pet parent! Please stop in - we'd love to meet your pup and discover how we can help you feed your dog "addicition"!


Woofs & Wags,

Candace Canty

Owner & Founder, Dog-a-holics, Inc.

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