Want the perfect pet? It starts with you!


We’ve all been there… pulled a stressful ten hour work day, got stuck in rainy, bumper to bumper traffic on the way home and you still have spend two hours planning your sister’s baby shower.

Finally you arrive home to relax for just a moment, but as you turn the doorknob to enter, it hits you…
the strong, horrible smell of dog poop!
OH NO!!!

As you enter, the poopy mess around the house is toxic AND you witness the contents of a full garbage can shredded and strewn around your home!

Someone had a party
and you were hired for clean up.



Or perhaps your dog has fairly good recall skills and you generally trust him to be off leash. So one particularly cold morning, you let him out the front door to run around a little bit and go potty on his own. While waiting for him to do his business, you notice he’s getting a little too far out so you call… “Casey!! Casey COME!!”


It’s like he forgot his name. 

So you step farther out of the house, with your bare feet hitting the cold pavement and you yell again. “Casey!! Casey COME!!” This time, he looks back. He knows what you want, but instead he bolts!  "Noooooo!!!!"

Now you either have to run around the neighborhood, barefoot, in your pajamas OR you go back inside, change and then have to play detective to find your dog.

When this happens, we don’t even need to tell you how upset and nervous the loss of your pet can make you. The thought of never finding them and worrying he could get hurt are horrible feelings. 

Do these scenarios sound familiar?  
If so, don’t worry you’re not alone.
Believe it or not, both could have been prevented.

And I have a solution for you!


I’m Candace, and the founder of Dogaholics, and I’ve been helping pet parents make confident decisions about their dog's health and behaviors since 2006. Thousands of people and their dogs have experienced positive transformations because they've purchased products and services from us. People trust and rely on our expertise when it comes to their furry family members.

All day long we answer hundreds of questions from new dog owners and long time pet parents, alike. And it amazes me, that even with all the support that is out there for pet parents there's still a huge need for education. All of us can benefit from more knowledge, no matter how long we've been a pet owner. Because even if we know what to do...are we really doing it?? NO! There's a huge need for a support system and that's exactly why I created this program.

When it comes to pet ownership, many of us can feel confused or lost about the right things to do and we feel defeated when our dog's don't listen to us. I know from experience. I've always loved dogs deeply.  I started a whole business around it called Dogaholics! But here I was, a "pet parent expert" and I had bad dogs!! The jumping, the pulling, the barking...oh there was so much barking!! Then one day it hit me, I was a dogaholic, but I was not being a great pet parent.

So I made a commitment to them and to myself. I hired a trainer, got the tools I needed and turned it all around. Sure, there are hard days and we get off track, but that's why I developed this system! "12 Steps to Being the Ultimate Pet Parent" will give you all the information, tools, tricks AND support to be a great pet parent! Recommitting to my dogs, turned both our lives around!

I know you love your dog like a family member.

You’ve probably given them a comfy bed, a cute collar and lots of treats.

You probably give them lots of attention and are a very loving pet parent.

Unfortunately, love isn’t enough.

Love won’t stop your dog’s loud barking at every noise.

Love won’t stop your dog from jumping on people who approach.

Love won’t stop your dog from tearing up your favorite pair of shoes.

Love won’t stop their itching, their hair loss or their bad gas.

Love will help you find the motivation to help them.


I know you want the perfect pet
...and your dog deserves the Ultimate Pet Parent!

Old dogs can learn new tricks!

And it starts with…YOU!

You’re the oldest dog in the house,
so let’s get rolling!

Find out what YOU are doing
that’s causing THEIR bad behaviors.


You’re getting access to some of the most amazing content I’ve ever created.

Each of the 12 steps to being the best pet parent, has their own video and worksheets and that covers everything you need to know to get your life with your canine in control… fast!

We’ll cover things like…

· Commitment & Communication

· Building your patience and confidence

· Training Techniques

· physically + mentally exercise them

· Their Health, Protection and Care

· The top 3 issues – pulling, jumping and barking

The 12 Steps You Need to Ultimate Pet Parenting

During this 8 Week Course You Also Receive:

  • Access to a members only program portal

  • Access to a Private Facebook Forum, with other Pet Parents

  • Weekly video modules

  • Two group Q+A calls

  • Weekly homework PDF downloads

  • Tips and resource downloads

  • So much more!

Welcome to our community!

We’ve got what you need and it’s super easy and convenient.

You are in the right place!

For over a decade my team and I have helped pet parents make confident decisions when it comes to their pets health and wellness.

One of the perks of being a dogaholic is that you aren’t the only one!

We have a community of pet parents and experts who all want to be connected – to learn, share and live the best life they can with our pets.

Connect with other pet parents who have gone through similar things as you, love their pets like family members and are ready to have a long and happy relationship with their canine kids!

Learn the best tips and tricks from pet industry experts, and get all your questions answered to set you up for success as a pet parent and get your dog to be perfect…okay, we know in your eyes he’s already pretty fabulous.

You’ll learn about…

  • Canine Nutrition
  • How to properly walk your dog on a leash and not get pulled
  • Barking issues and how to stop them
  • Grooming made easy
  • Incorporating your dog into your lifestyle!
  • And so much more....

Commit to your dog’s health and well being. 
It will be great for both of you!  
I guarantee it!

Don’t wait! Get started right away!

Isn’t your pet worth it?

Only $197 for $1300 worth of training and tools!



Candace Canty
Founder of Dogaholics & Creator of "12 Steps to Being the Ultimate Pet Parent"

Pet Parent Expert, entrepreneur, speaker, author, consultant and professional dog belly rub scratcher, Candace has been surrounded by dogs her whole life.

 She set out to build a local community who cares deeply about the quality of life for their pets. What resulted was beyond her wildest dreams. Dogaholics became the center of an engaging and loyal following of committed people with a passion for helping all dogaholics become better pet parents!

Commitment, chaos and consistency have been the reoccurring challenges in Candace’s life. In surmounting her own obstacles, she has mastered the skills needed to live her life vision and give herself and her dogs the good life and is set out to make better pet parents around the world! 

Janice Triptow, JD, CDBC, CPDT-KA
Founder of Dog Behavior Solutions

Janice Triptow, a certified dog behavior consultant (CDBC), a certified pet dog trainer (CPDT) and a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), specializes in in-home behavior consultations, behavior modification and consults with families and individuals seeking to change their dog's behaviors. Janice helps pet parents through difficulties at home or other locations.

Janice also serves as President for Chicago Canine Rescue, as well as, Safe Humane Chicago’s Manager of Behavior and Training. 

Megan Ores-Uhrich, CPDT-KA
Founder of Capricorn Dog Training

Megan started and ran a successful dog walking service, worked as a wrangler for a dog daycare, interned with three established Chicago dog training schools, developed enrichment/training programs for the dogs at the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago, as well as, running their assessment program ALL before becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Outside of leading group dog training classes and private lessons with her clients, she regularly attends behavior/training workshops, and trains with her own five dogs. 

Her specialties include working with fear and anxiety related issues and creating better cross species understanding and communication to help people and their pups find balance and happiness.

Megan is also a
Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and is the dog behavior/training and certifying professional for Sit Stay Read.


Brandi Barker, MFA, CPDT-KA
Founder of Barker Behavior and Co-Owner of Bark-Pouch

Brandi has a Master’s degree from DePaul University, specializing in Developing Behavior Management Practices to Enhance Understanding in Human/Animal Relationships. She is Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. 

Brandi uses this knowledge in conjunction with the active listening, relationship development and creative problem solving skills she acquired from a decade in the corporate world. Brandi is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers; has been published in Chronicle of the Dog and Chicagoland Tails and she regularly writes training articles for the Columbus Examiner (her hometown) and Dogtime.  

Brandi actively supports multiple rescues by conducting evaluations, giving presentations and teaching classes to help raise funds for animals in need; additionally, she regularly volunteers with Safe Humane Chicago‘s Youth Leader Program with her Ambassador Dog Gavin.

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