Hello Petpreneur!

For the past decade, I’ve owned and operated pet retail boutiques and service based businesses in the city of Chicago. We didn’t have parking lots, so I had to rely on pedestrian walking traffic and limited street parking. In addition, I had some other serious struggles. It has not been easy building my business.

I dealt with sidewalk and street construction blocking entrance to my businesses, rainy days, days that felt like - 30 degrees, the “snowpocalypse” of 2011, the recession, big box and boutique competition, employee theft and recently, a devastating canine flu outbreak. 

All were factors I could not control. 

Each had it’s own negative impact on my business’s cash flow. There were many times I wondered not just how was I going to keep my business a float for the long run, but literally how was I going to cover payroll in just a week.

I’ve overcome those obstacles and have gone from a cash breaking point to now having enough business savings to cover three months’ worth of bills for the next crisis…because, it’s inevitable that there will be another one.

The principles I’m sharing in this free download helped me take control back and brought instant cash into my business. They are proven techniques that worked every single time I tried them. Every business is different, so please tweak them to suite your needs.

Still reading? Then you’re the type of person who wants to make sure you’re getting all the tidbits exactly in order. I can so appreciate that. I often times want to make sure I understand exactly how to do something before I do it. But I’ve learned it’s more effective to just take action.

Any action without delay will get you further along than anything else. And that’s what you’ll have to do if you want to make thousands of extra dollars over this coming weekend. Take lots of action to bring that cash into your registers!

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