Are you so addicted to pets that you made it your career of choice?

Or maybe, while at your stressful and boring job, you've been day dreaming about doing something that really matters and is really rewarding?

Are you addicted to success in your life and your business, but just haven't been able to get your fix in a while??

You're in the right place! This is where "Petpreneurs" go from working like a dog to living the alpha dog life!


Hello! My name is Candace and I'm a dogaholic... and a petpreneur!

I love shopping local, which is why helping small business owners is a great passion of mine. Entrepreneurs are some of the coolest people I know! They are amazing, adventurous, risk takers which is why we need to stick together. It all starts with an idea, but through courage...lots and lots of courage, and action, entreprenuers create their own destiny.

In my own business, the vision for Dogaholics was to be a small retail store and serve my local neighborhood dogs with healthy food and treat options. But, dog-gone-it that was small thinking!! I learned that when you dream big, you start living the alpha dog lifestyle! Over the last decade, Dogaholics became more than just retail products, and expanded into doggy daycare, grooming, dog walking, branded merchandise, speaking engagements and classes, online educational programs and now business consulting… connecting pet parents and petpreneurs all over the world!

Why should you work with me?

If you own a pet business, or really any business for that matter, than I know you work like a dog MANY days and nights. Often wondering if it will ever make you money or at least make you the kind of money you hope and dream of.  I know you love what you do and you are really making a difference. Your community loves you. Customers love you...but for some reason you are still struggling. Wouldn't you love to have peace of mind each month that you have enough money to pay all your bills AND pay yourself a salary you deserve?

You can find experts all over the internet and on social media who are offering up their free how-to's and systems, but have theyexperienced running their own businesses? Likely not. They've rarely had a team of employees to manage or been solely responsible for paying thousands of dollars in salaries every pay period.

I've been there! I can share with you the systems and techniques that took me from struggle and overwhelm to bringing millions of dollars into my business.

The struggle was real.

In 2006, I created and opened a retail store in Chicago called Dogaholics. Within 3 years, I had three locations and over 20 employees. Things were going okay, but there were always struggles. After dealing with massive construction issues in front of my stores, employees stealing from me and the height of the recession, I hit the danger zone in 2010 when my business and personal life were failing.

I had $200k in business debt and wasn’t generating enough income to pay my bills. I was working 16 hour days on a regular basis, gained 50lbs and my marriage was suffering. Instead of giving in to the anxiety and stress, I turned it all around and have since brought millions of dollars into my business, travel around the world and am living a stress free life with my canine kids.

I HAVe THE road map and support you need to get to success faster and with less headaches than doing it alone.

Coaching and mentoring is one of the most effective investments you can make in your business to create remarkable results in a short period of time.

Join the community.

Become part of my community where I delivers how to’s, best practices and share the secret ingredients to success, so you can grow your doggy empire, too!

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