It’s time to get your addiction under control. It’s the responsible thing to do and it's more fun that way!

At Dogaholics you and your pooch will learn a variety of both fundamental and unique skills. Classes and workshops are great for dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds and personalities. All classes at our center are taught by our professional and experienced trainers.

Upcoming & Current Sessions (full DESCRIPTIONS below)

  • Dog+Baby
    No classes scheduled at this time.
  • Better Beginning Behaviors
    July 30th-August 27th, 1:00PM-2:00PM (No Class 8/13), $150.00
    Sundays, June 25th-July 16th, 1:00PM-2:00PM, $150.00
    Wednesdays, June21st-July 12th, 7:30PM-8:30PM, $150.00
    Sundays, May 28th-June 18th, 1:00PM-2:00PM, $150.00

  • Purely Puppy
    Mondays, July 10th-August 14th, 7:30PM -8:30PM (No Class 8/7), $175.00
    Sundays, June 4th-July 2nd, 11:30PM-12:30PM, $175.00
    Mondays, May 15th-June 19th 7:30PM-8:30PM, ( No Class 5/29), $175.00

  • Purely Puppy II
    No classes scheduled at this time.
  • Nose Work
    Sundays, May 7th-June 4th, 4:00pm-5:15pm (No class 5/28) $125.00
  • Advanced Nose Work
    Sundays, May 7th-June 4th, 5:15pm-6:30pm (No class 5/28) $125.00
*Reserve your spot today! Class enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment is received. Call 773-549-9000 or email to register

Class Descriptions

Dog + Baby

Are you expecting a new baby or did you just have one? Are you concerned about keeping your baby safe around your dog? Do you also want to make sure your dog continues to get the care he deserves as a loving member of the family?  Alicia Obando from Pitter Patter Parenting will be teaching this class to help you prepare your dog, your home and yourself for the baby in a way that keeps everyone safe and engaged with the family. You'll learn how to get preparations in place months in advance, how to welcome home the new baby, how to safely involve both dog and baby in daily family life, and how to recognize and respond to signs of stress in your dog.

*Class enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment is received.

Purely Puppy

The first step in dealing with addiction is admitting you have one. Congratulations. You have a beautiful, cute, unruly addiction.

 Purely Puppy focuses on teaching proper and preventing unwanted behaviors; socialization; and an introduction to basic obedience.

Course Content Includes: mouthing, house training, chewing, object possession, crate acclimation, food related manners, greeting manners, grooming/handling, puppy frustration coping tools, vet visits, starting basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come, attention, leash-walking), games and socialization.
This is a 6 week course. Class maximum size is 4 puppies.

*Class enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment is received.

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Purely Puppy II

After completing the Purely Puppy class, continue your pups schooling by enrolling in Purely Puppy II! This class continues your puppy's skill and social manners training.

Course Content Includes: social skills, manners, leash walking, recall, handler focus and social dynamics. Open to pups 5-10 months old who have completed the Purely Puppy class.

This is a 4 week course. Class maximum size is 4 puppies.

*Class enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment is received.

Better Beginning Behaviors

Is your addiction becoming an issue? Jumping on guests, pulling on its leash? Not coming when you call him/her? Time to get things under control! New accelerated 4 week version of our basics class. It's a fun, fast introduction to positive training methods and better overall behavior. This class will introduce your dog to basic manners and obedience. No prior training is necessary. Better Beginning Behaviors is for dogs 6 months and older.

Course Content Includes: Attention, Leash walking, Sit & down, Stay, Come, Object Release, Leave it, Distraction Settling, House & crate manners, Home & sidewalk greetings.
Class maximum size 4 dogs.

*Class enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment is received.


Nose Work

Intro to Nose Work

Nose/scent work is the hot new activity for dogs and their owners! It offers mental and physical stimulation and challenges dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages who already enjoy sniffing! Your dog can learn to detect and indicate odor hidden in a variety of environments. You can work these exercises at home and outside with your dog without a lot of time, money or space. It's a great way for dog owners to exhaust a dog with separation distress, with a little extra energy, or to build confidence in a fearful dog. There is a 4 dog maximum. 5 week course.

Advanced Nose Work

The next step after Intro to Nosework! Take your dog's sniffing skills to the next level with this class. 4 dog maximum. 4 week course.

*Class enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment is received.

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*Class enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment is received.