In 2006, Candace D’Agnolo created and opened a retail store in Chicago called Dogaholics, Inc.
Within three years, she had three locations and over 20 employees. In the last decade she has employed 150 people while running a successful 7-figure business in an urban competitive environment.  The road to building her business was paved with intense obstacles and struggles, expansion and contraction that almost put her out of business many times, but she learned quickly how to turn any crisis into growth opportunities, bringing millions of dollars into her business, allowing her to now travel the world and live a stress free life with her canine kids. 

She took her initial concept of brick and mortar location and turned it into multiple revenue streams – retail, services, online informational products, books, merchandise and now business consulting.

Candace strategically sold her retail assets in April 2016, and kept the profitable services piece to continue to grow the Dogaholics brand. 

The pet industry veteran has recently launched a business-consulting portion of Dogaholics to help pet business owners go from working like a dog to living the Top Dog Life.


Ways to team up by using me as...

  • Guest Writer
  • Guest Expert (print, TV, podcast)
  • Speaker

My signature Talks...

  • Alpha Dog Status: Stop Working Like a Dog and Enjoy the Profits and Success you Deserve

    Shortly after starting a pet business you realize it’s not all about playing with dogs all day. And as the business grew, you certainly stopped doing the things you loved and the things that inspired you to go into business in the first place. Long days and no time off can quickly become the norm for entrepreneurs. But having the freedom to leave your shop on a Saturday, for a holiday break or even for a whole month IS possible. Learn the 3 secrets that will change everything.

  • 10k Weekend: Secert Success Strategies to Make Money Fast

    This one tactic can bring thousands of extra dollars into your business in a short amount of time. Have you cringed at the thought of looking at your checking account because you know there isn’t enough money to pay your bills next week? Have you panicked because things out of your control were going to kill your sales. Take control back! This one strategy will give you a cash infusion to put your panic to rest.

  • Stop the Business Barking: End Employee Drama Forever

    Ever wonder why when one employee brings a bad attitude to work it runs through the company like a wild dog? Have you ever had a team member complain that another just isn’t pulling their work load? Conflict and negativity are toxic to your peace of mind and your bottom line. Learn the 3 rules every pet business should live by.

or call on candace for...

  • HR | Team | Company Culture
  • Marketing | Email Campaigns | Social Media
  • Branding
  • Merchandising | Signage
  • Events
  • Customer Service
  • Pricing and Policies
  • Business Mindset
  • Community Involvement
  • Becoming a destination

Consulting and One-on-one Private Clients

A yearlong commitment where we dig deep into your business to put more cash in your pocket, so you can live the life you've always wanted! Any type of business is eligible for this program.

Focus throughout the program:

  • Vision + Goals
  • Policies + Systems
  • Pricing + Inventory
  • Finances + Cash Flow
  • Brand + Marketing
  • Team + Training

This program includes:

  • Online Assessment
  • One 1/2 Day or Full Day Strategy Session (Google Hangout or In-person in Chicago)
  • Three Quarterly Cash Flow Calls
  • Twelve 45-Minute Strategy Calls at the Beginning of the Month
  • Twelve 30-Minute Teaching Calls Mid-Late Month
  • Email or Text Support Each Month (As You Need It)
  • Discounts on all Additional Programs Offered (Branding/Marketing/Team Training)




All strategy sessions include:

  • Online Assessment

  • One 1/2 Day or Full Day Strategy Session (Google Hangout or In-person in Chicago)

  • 60 Days of Email or Text Support (As You Need It)

  • One 30-Minute Coaching Call After 30 Days

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